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What we do

NEXT is a dynamic, enterprising and flexible company, able to satisfy every customer need, also supplying buttons and accessories in metal (mainly zamak, but also brass and steel) and a wide range of die-cast accessories.


In the BOTTON FACTORY department we produce bottons, and plates in polyester, real horn, corozo, real wood, mother-of-pearl and other natural materials. Thanks to the equipment for customizations, even in contrast and on metal with YAG laser, NEXT offers unique and refined models.


In the CINTURIFICIO department we produce frogs, straps, belts, pendants and trouser chains, bags and charms, on the customer's design as well. NEXT staff is able to follow the project in every phase, guiding the best solution for each request.


In the ACCESSORIES department, NEXT produces buckles, toggles for frogs, tailor-made plates, chains, charms, but also, thanks to the machinery and experience of the NEXT staff, we are able to produce handles for bags, leather particulates leashes collars and everything related to the pet. NEXT is able to produce any functional detail, starting from the customer requests and needs.